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Indian Costumes—a journey through the dazzling array of styles, shades and designs of India

This fantastic book 'Indian Costumes' is written by Anamika Pathak is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in fashion designing and the history of textile evolution in India.

The book presents an overview of Indian costumes from the Vedic times to the 20th century—with dedicated sections discussing the history and traditions of local costumes, their variations according to occasion and social hierarchy. The vivid photos and illustrations bring to life the beautiful dresses, jewellery and accessories of the royalty, elite groups, soldiers, dancers and the common man.

Anamika Pathak is Curator at the National Museum, New Delhi with over three decades of experience and expertise in Decorative Arts and textiles. She inspires through her contributions to several national and international research journals on Textiles and actively participates in several seminars, lectures and talks.



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