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Create stunningly beautiful Waist-cut frock for girls

Learn how to take measurement for kids, draw pattern for girls frock using the measurements taken and to cut precisely using the pattern drawn. The video tutorial helps you learn how to cut and stitch Kids frock step-by-step — all explained in detail with easy to follow steps in Tamil.

  1. Get the measurement right: The first and foremost step in creating any beautiful dress is by taking the right measurements. There are 3-5 measurements that are essential to get the right fit for your garment. In the case of a kid's frock — the measurement process starts with getting the right measurement for a) Shoulder length, b) Chest circumference, c) Waist circumference, d) Waist-to-knee length, and e) shoulder-to-waist length

  2. Draw a pattern for a perfect fitting: Generally you will find charts and sizes for different ages—however, it is best to use the correct measurements for creating the pattern for sewing. Especially for kids, it is always advisable to take the current and correct measurements to achieve perfect fitting. Using the formulas explained in the video to draw the pattern and transfer them to the fabric to create the perfect Girl's frock

  3. Measure twice and cut once: Make sure to set the fabric—on-fold if you are have a half-pattern and folded twice if you are trying to cut for both front and back sides. Follow the techniques discussed in the video, for example, adding pins to fabric to avoid slipping will help you to achieve better results in cutting. Also read the post to learn tips on cutting: 5 Pro tips on cutting your fabric perfectly

  4. Designing and stitching the Yoke: The yoke of this kids frocks is designed to create maximum comfort. The sewing process starts with designing a simple and elegant U-style neck using paper-fabric fusion and creating the back neck using biased fabric. Then the sleeveless frock armhole is finished using complementing fabric. Learn how to attach hook for the yoke and how to secure it strongly using 'box stitch'. Add decorative borders on the front and back side of the yoke. Once the yoke is complete, start with the lower skirt.

  5. Creating a pleated lower skirt: Start adding pleats to the bottom fabric of the girl's skirt. You can customise the length of the pleats based on your needs - 2x waist for longer and 3-4x waist size for a much closer pleats. Add a thin decorative border to the bottom of the lower skirt.

  6. Join the Yoke and pleated Lower skirt: Once you finish sewing the Yoke and pleated Lower skirt, attach them seamlessly—follow the tips explained in the video to get perfect results—by turning the yoke inside out and inserting the lower skirt through the neck; then add pins to secure the yoke and skirt in the right place to help in sewing them together.

Finish the Girls waist-cut frock by adding a decorative bow or show buttons. Happy sewing!



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