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Pattern-maker for Churidar Neck Designs

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Drawing patterns for neck designs are now super easy with VibhasFashion Pattern maker.

Just enter few values like Neck depth and Inner neck measurements to get customised patterns with correct sizes for your neck projects.

Use paper-fabric fusion material to draw the neck pattern. This will help in creating an elegant and ready-made like finish to Churidar necklines.

For this simple neck design, keep the paper-fabric fusion material 'ON FOLD'. This will ensure whatever pattern we are creating for one side is symmetrically transferred to the other half of the neck design.

After entering the Neck Depth and Inner Neck measurements to the VibhasFashion Pattern-maker, the values in the pattern gets automatically calculated in the pattern diagram.

Use these values in the 'Pattern' to create your own customised design. Check-out the YouTube video on how to create this simple yet elegant neck in this link: Simple Elegant neck design - How to make in simple steps.

Happy sewing!



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