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Self-healing and cutting mats for every use

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Biggest size for cutting fabric - A1 Cutting Mat size - 34 Inch x 22.5 Inch / 89 cmx 59 cm

If you are looking for a mat that fits the entire table, you can go for the A1 size mat. You can easily use rotary cutter to cut the fabric.

This item is double-sided and has markings in both Inches and Centimetres and on both sides of the mat.

Ideal for any craft or art work. The size is so huge that it fills the table and you can place most of the items comfortably — for both drawing and cutting. It is also easy to clean.


Standard size for craftwork - A2 Cutting Mat size - 22.5 Inch x 17 Inch/ 59cm x 44cm

This is the next size - this mat will be 4 times the size of standard A4 paper. Contains 5 layers of soft and hard PVC for self healing.

Works for many fabric cutting projects and will be ideal for any paper cutting, jewel-making or arts and crafts project. You can use the rotary cutter to cut fabric.

This mat also has markings on both sides and uses Inches and Centimetres. Easy to wipe clean and the multi-layer enables self healing of the mat after cutting.




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