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Overcome fear of operating the Sewing machine. Learn how to sew straight and curved lines and gain control over pedal and speed. Practice to stitch corners by accurately stopping the machine and pivoting the needle to turn the fabric and continue stitching.

Use the skills learnt to stitch beautiful neck designs. At the end of 2 weeks, feel confident in controlling the speed, tempo and rhythm of the sewing machine and move to the next stage of becoming a Fashion Designer.

Learn Basic Sewing

Use Vibha's Fashion Sewing practice Worksheets to gain confidence in Sewing.

Use the Sewing Practice worksheets to practice and learn basic sewing. Happy sewing and wishing you all the very best!


Draft pattern for your Crop top easily. Vibha's PatternMaker tool helps you to understand how to take measurements and to draw pattern for the Crop top in minutes.

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