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How to stitch Lehenga

Learn how to stitch designer Lehenga long skirt using the step-by-step tutorial.

In this tutorial, learn how to stitch Lehenga skirt step-by-step. Learn how to take measurements to stitch your lehenga, draft a pattern for lehenga, transfer the pattern onto the fabric and cut the fabric, stitching the flares together and adding a belt to your lehenga and finally finishing your lehenga with rope and dori. Add additional ornaments and embellishments to your lehenga for that special occasion. Happy sewing!

Lehenga is a long Indian skirt has its origin as early as 10th century gaining prominence with the arrival of Mughals and worn by Indian women across India—several ornate lehengas used by Northern India are found at the National Museum, New Delhi. Usually worn on ceremonial occasions, festivals and weddings, the Lehenga is generally secured at the waist with the mid-riff left bare. The main types of fabric for creating lehengas are Cotton, Silk, and Brocade with new designers experimenting on several new and contemporary fabrics.


Step 1: the first one being the length of skirt which is measured from your waist to floor; the second measurement is your hip circumference—the circumference of the widest part in your hip.

How to stitch Lehenga.png

Step 2: After taking the measurements, learn how to draft a pattern for your lehenga. Simple explanations on how to calculate and draw pattern for lehenga is explained—follow the steps and draw the pattern onto the fabric.


Step 3: The third step is to cut the fabric as explained—by laying the fabric to maximum use and cutting. You will get 2 pieces from the 'on-fold' side and 4 pieces from the selvage side.


Step 4: The next step is to join the panels as explained in the video and adding a border to the lehenga skirt.


Step 5: The fifth step is to add a belt to the skirt with all the flares attached together. Step 6: Now the last and final step is to add a rope and dori to the lehenga.


Use the loop turner to create the rope easily and methods explained in our earlier video to create dori for your lehenga.

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