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Anarkali Churidar: Cutting and stitching

Anarkali is a world famous form of women dress having its origins from early Mughal period. This design and style has evolved over the decades and today, Anarkali-style Kurtis and Churidars are extremely popular for its elegance and majestic grandeur.

The Anarkali suit consists of a long frock-style top with slim fitted bottom: the Anarkali top varies in length with the more elegant ones flowing up to the ankle. The Anarkali top consists of two parts: a yoke which is the bodice and panels or flares which form the skirt. The panels are also known as kali. The number of panels that are used to construct the topfrom 8 panels to a full round 20 panels. More the panels, the more rounded and grand the Anarkali kurti looks.

This is the video contains 3 main parts - Measure, Cut, and Stitch an Anarkali Churidar

  1. Understanding how to take proper measurements for a Churidar. In the video you will learn how to take Shoulder length, Chest circumference, Waist and hip circumference. You will also need know the total length of the Kurti—this is very important as this determines the overall length and fall—you can go as low as 4 inches above ankle to create the perfect Anarkali feel and fall.

  2. The second and most important part is transferring the measurements into a paper pattern. Drawing a pattern helps to ensure the measurement is used to create a beautiful dress that fits perfectly. First, the yoke of Anarkali kurti is drawn and then the Panels or Kali is drawn using the measurements taken. Again the number of panels depend on the requirement, however, 8 panel is minimum and it can go up to 10 panels. In this case, the number of panels taken is 10 so that it is easy to follow when you see the video tutorial

  3. The third step is to draw the pattern on the fabric. As the pattern already incorporates a seam allowance of 1/2 inch, just drawing the outline to the fabric would suffice. Ensure to keep the fabric on-fold as shown in the video. While drawing the panels, draw by alternating the direction of the pattern—this will minimize wastage of fabric

  4. The fourth step is to cut the fabric based on the drawing. Ensure to add pins so that the layers of fabric stay intact. Do not move the fabric but smoothly slide the scissors over the marked line and set aside the cut pieces

  5. The fifth step is to finish the Yoke by adding neck design and cording. Use paper fusion canvas to design the neck—this will also ensure a neat and superior finish. Attach sleeves to the yoke and join the side.

  6. The sixth step is to finish the panels—join the panels together and reinforce by adding an additional top-stitch to them. Once all the panels are joined, it forms a perfect circular shape

  7. The last step is to join both the Yoke and the Panel together. You will find some tips in the video on how to join them together and to finish the Anarkali Kurt

Learn how to measure, draw patterns, cut, and stitch Churidars and other interesting videos at Vibhas Fashion YouTube channel. Happy sewing!



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