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Sewing course 9 - How to take body measurements for Blouse

Learn how take measurement for Blouse - clearly explained in Tamil with useful tips for blouse stitching with body measurement. Learn how to properly take measurement for Blouse for self as well as for your customers.

Blouse measurement for front side, back side and sleeve measurements for blouse.

These are the 4 measurements that you will need for back side of the blouse. They are ...

  1. Back Length of Blouse

  2. Waist Circumference

  3. Shoulder Width and

  4. Back neck depth

The 7 measurements for front side of the blouse are

  1. Front length of the blouse

  2. low bust circumference

  3. full chest circumference

  4. upper chest circumference

  5. shoulder-to-bust length

  6. apex-to-apex length, and

  7. front neck depth

Understand how to take measurements to draft pattern for blouse and to do proper cutting and stitching of a blouse.

Happy sewing!



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