Sewing tools

Updated: Sep 13

Here are some of the basic sewing tools you will need to become a Fashion Designer.

There are 4 broad types of sewing tools — Measuring tools, Marking tools, Cutting tools, and Sewing tools.

  1. Measuring tools - measuring tape Marking tools - Tailor's chalk, marking pen and pencil, tracing wheel

  2. Drawing tools - L-scales, French Curves, hip curve

  3. Cutting tools - Scissors for cloth, paper, clippers Sewing tools - Thread, bobbin

  4. Other tools - Seam ripper, Loop turner

There are other supplies you will need to be successful as a Fashion designer. I am adding a short review and links to some of the useful tools here.

Paper fusible interlining

This is an essential item that is used in Churidar and blouse neck design. It provides the necessary support to the fabric and prevents it from stretching while stitching the neck design. It has fusible interlining on one side which is also the shining side — place this shining side facing the fabric and iron it so that it sticks onto your cloth. It is also used as embroidery backing.

Brown sheet for drawing pattern

For drawing sewing patterns, use this brown sheet. This is 24 inches wide and 10 meters long. It is 180 gsm brown sheet and is sturdy and will last longer. First draw the patterns using pencil and reinforce it with sketch pens. Double check the calculations before cutting your patterns.

Scissors to cut fabric

Zig-Zag scissors

Sewing needles

Organ Vardhaman needles of different sizes.

Bias tape maker

This is a precision tool that can be folded fabric into perfect halves automatically, ready for sewing on. Bias tape maker can make the task of making bias tapes easy with a great looking. Create your own bias tapes in minutes. You can make bias tape that can be temporarily bonded using an iron from any material you like. Make any fabric into an accent, border or trim. It's fast, economical and perfectly coordinated. Pull the fabric through and iron--folds it perfectly, ready for sewing on or gluing.

  1. To cut bias strips, first cut cross the fabric at a 45°angle then cut strips parallel to this freshly cut edge in the width you need

  2. Feed bias strip wrong side up with wide end of tape maker use awl to pull fabric through

  3. Pin end of strip into ironing board

  4. Pull tape maker and press in folds iron close to tape maker

Curve scale for drawing neck design - Pattern marking ruler

This pattern marking ruler combines the functions of a graders square with the essential curves required for neck lines, sleeve and trouser crotches. This is a very useful tool for designing sewing patterns especially for sleeves. All in one pattern design tool ideal for professional pattern making, at home, boutique or at fashion school.

Advanced French curve set for drawing

complex shapes

L-scales and hip scales for drawing sewing patterns