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Top Sewing books

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Happy sewing everyone! Today, I am adding list of books that I frequently refer and share with you. I also find these sewing books extremely informative and interesting. Have also provided link to the books so that you can buy online. Will also do a proper review of the books (currently it is from the website) and add more books to the list in the coming days.

1. The Sewing book

by Alison Smith

This is the only sewing reference you will ever need, with step-by-step photographs to show you how to sew absolutely everything. 300 step-by-step techniques will guide you whether you are sewing clothes, making soft furnishings, or doing alterations. Master hand and machine sewing with close-up photographs and clear instructions to demystify even the trickiest techniques, and choose from 15 stylish projects to practise your sewing skills.

Every project is brand new for this updated edition of the ultimate sewing Bible, with 5 New sewing techniques now added. With in-depth coverage of sewing tools, techniques, and fabric, this is the ultimate sewing resource for beginners, students, and seasoned stitchers alike.

Written by Alison Smith — set up her own shop, Fabulous Fabric, and sewing school, the Alison Victoria School of Sewing, near her home in Leicestershire. Her school is the largest independent sewing school in England and offers courses and workshops on all aspects of sewing. Alison is a regular contributor to Sewing World magazine, and has appeared on the ITV television series Ladette to Lady teaching dressmaking skills.


2. Pattern Magic

by Tomoko Nakamichi

Available for the first time in English, Pattern Magic is the cult pattern-making book from Japan. Step-by-step projects show how to create stunning, sculptural clothes, using a creative approach to pattern making.

All the information you need to start pattern making is included, from the basic sloper to measurements and scaling. Each project is beautifully illustrated with clear diagrams and photographs showing the stages of construction, the muslins, and the finished garments with over 200 colour illustrations.

Having served for many years as a professor at Bunka Fashion College, Tomoko Nakamichi currently delivers lectures and holds courses on patternmaking both in her native Japan and internationally. This book brings together the results of the research she has carried out on garment patterns to help instruct her students. She is also the author of Pattern Magic, Pattern Magic 2, and Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics.


3. How Patterns Work

by Assembil Books

As an introductory book, "How Patterns Work" has been designed to work as a companion alongside more complex pattern drafting books. In a way, the first half of the book is almost like a long form dictionary of pattern terms to help provide a thorough explanation of all the different features of patterns such as grain lines, seam allowances, darts and notches. All of the examples are discussed in relation to how the pattern will ultimately be sewn, so that the principles become more relevant to real sewn garments.

The first section of the book will answer questions such as:

What are darts and how do they work with the curves of the body?What is seam allowance and how much should you add to your pattern?How are body measurements used to create accurate patterns?What are blocks or slopers and how are they different to patterns?What do the basic blocks look like?

The second half of the book shows a range of pattern making changes that can be learnt separately and can then be applied in different combinations to any garment patterns to suit your own pattern making needs. The reason why these pattern changes have been shown away from specific garments is to enable you to focus on the logic behind the pattern change, instead of becoming confused by the actual shape of the garment, or being distracted by working out body measurements.

"How Patterns Work" has been designed with over 250 black and white diagrams and has a comprehensive table of contents for easy reference.


4. How to start sewing

by Assembil Books

A Sewing Course in a Book — If you have just decided that you want to learn how to sew, this book has been designed for you. Learning to sew can be simultaneously frustrating and rewarding, so you want a book that will start slowly, build your confidence and help you avoid common problems. Designed as a thorough sewing course, How To Start Sewing will walk you through the entire sewing process, from your first hand sewing stitches to your first complete garment. You don’'t even need to have a sewing machine to start learning. Just like having a sewing teacher in your own home or studio, let us show you how to choose and use your first sewing machine, troubleshoot your way through common sewing issues and build your sewing confidence.

Go easy on your budget by buying new equipment and materials only as you need it, then put your new supplies and skills to use in hands-on exercises. Don’t let the large size of this book intimidate you; everything is explained in straightforward language with practical examples. No prior experience required. The Perfect Reference Book


5. Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time

by Tanja Whelan

With her "choose-your-own-adventure" Approach to sewing, Tanya Whelan offers an invaluable collection of patterns that empowers sewers to become designers. The trick is a set of patterns for 6 skirts and 8 bodices that line up perfectly at the waist, plus an additional 4 sleeve styles and 4 necklines. Tanya gives readers clear instructions and easy-to-follow step-by-step diagrams that allow them to use the enclosed pattern pieces to create up to 219 fitted dresses, including simple strapless designs, sheaths, and halter gowns. The book covers basic dress construction and altering techniques for women of all shapes and sizes.

Tanya Whelan is well known for her fresh, vintage-modern style. Her bestselling fabrics and sewing patterns are produced internationally by Free Spirit Fabrics, a subsidiary of Coats and Clark. Her work is featured frequently in magazines, including Martha Stewart Living, Romantic Homes, Quilts and More, and Sew News, as well as on Decor8, Sew Mama Sew, True Up, and Craftzine.


6. Skirt-A-Day Sewing

by Nicole Smith

Skirt-A-Day Sewing: Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Every Day.

Design a skirt for every day of the week! With these 28 irresistible projects, you'll learn all the techniques you need to custom-design and sew fabulous skirts that fit you perfectly. Smith shows you how to draft a pattern for a custom fit and then alter that pattern into one of four basic silhouettes: wrap, straight, flared, and high-waisted. Each skirt can then be easily redesigned into seven distinct and delicious looks--one for each day of the week. These projects are suitable for everyone, including beginners.

Sew a month of skirts using four classic styles -- wrap, straight, flared, and high-waisted -- as your starting point. Draft custom-fit patterns for all four styles (complete instructions included), and then play with seven variations for each skirt silhouette. Before you know it, you'll have 28 unique skirts - more than enough for every day and every occasion!

Nicole Smith is part of the Etsy marketing and merchandising team and teaches sewing workshops, private lessons, and classes at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, New York. A designer of clothing, jewelry, accessories and sewing patterns, she is a regular contributor to Stitch magazine and has also written for Seventeen, Teen People, Cutting edge, Adorn, SewStylish, Crafstylish and Threads.


7. Dressmaking

by Alison Smith

This is another masterpiece by Alison Smith. Want to learn how to make clothes? Discover all the techniques, tools, and patterns you need to sew, alter, and customise your whole wardrobe. Step-by-step instructions show you how to master all the sewing techniques you need, from choosing the right fabrics to hemming and hand stitching. Then put your skills into practice with 12 Basic scalable patterns including how to make a dress and how to make a shirt, and make them your own with ideas for br>customising them so you can make 30 garments in total. Packed with sewing ideas, essential advice, and the patterns you need to create beautiful clothes, dressmaking is the sewing book no seamstress can be without.

Alison Smith MBE A trained fashion and textiles teacher, Alison taught for many years at one of the largest schools in Birmingham, where she was Head of Department. In 1992 she set up the School of Sewing - the first of its kind in the UK - teaching all aspects of sewing, including dressmaking, tailoring, and corsetry. Alison has also taught at the Liberty Sewing School in London and at Janome's sewing school in Stockport. In 2004, she opened a fabric shop in Ashby de la Zouch to complement the School of Sewing. In 2013, Alison was awarded an MBE for her services to sewing and corsetry. She also teaches online for and writes regularly for sewing magazines, including Love Sewing. Alison lives in Leicestershire with her husband and has two adult children.


8. Patternmaking for Fashion Design

by Armstrong

Basic Approach Renowned for its comprehensive coverage, exceptional illustrations and clear instructions, Patternmaking for Fashion Design offers detailed yet easy-to-understand explanations of the essence of patternmaking. Hinging on a recurring theme that all designs are based on one or more of the three major patternmaking and design principles-dart manipulation, added fullness and contouring-it provides students with all the relevant information necessary to create design patterns with accuracy regardless of their complexity. ome innovative, new information in this book include: Updated with modern, cutting-edge sketches and designs. Ribbing added to the knit section of Chapter 27. More materials on children's wear and swim wear. Knock offs. Fitting corrections Advanced design projects A practical introduction to patternmaking Complete coverage of the three steps of design patterns: dart manipulation, added fullness and contouring.


9. Fashion

by Judith Watt

A lovely book just to look through or an excellent book to learn about fashion through the ages. You will not find any patterns or sewing tips but it traces people's dress over the past 3000 years. Fashion is a visual feast, packed with stunning illustrations of 1,500 costumes from around the globe. It celebrates famous trendsetters, designers, and fashion icons from Queen Henrietta Maria to Jackie Onassis and Jean Paul Gautier.

Fashion endlessly reinvents itself, reflecting society's trends and innovations. Discover why different looks caught on, from the elaborate ruffs, wigs, and farthingales of the 17th century, to Dior's "new look" in 1947 and shoulder pads in the 1980s. Find out why for centuries people's dress was regulated by governments' "sumptuary rules" and how the invention of new textiles from velvet to lycra influenced clothing design.

Whether you're part of the fashion industry, a student, or you just love clothes, Fashion is both a glorious visual treat and a treasured history. Wonderful photography and interesting facts make this book ideal to browse through at your leisure. It's stunning and a real keep-safe. A must have for all fashionistas.

Specially commissioned foreword by fashion guru Caryn Franklin. Contributor Judith Watt is the author of several books on fashion and a lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.


10. The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible: Get the Most Out of Your Machine---From Using Basic Feet to Mastering Specialty Feet

by Wendy Gardner and Lorna Knight

Whether you are a beginner or have been sewing for years, this book is packed with all the information you need to get the most out of your sewing machine, simply by changing the feet. Everything you need to know about feet attachments, from basic feet such as the zigzag foot to specialty fabric and technique feet that will help you invent new design ideas for your sewing projects.

Work effortlessly with a full range of fabrics, learn great time-saving tricks, and experiment with a range of decorative effects by following the authors' creative "ideas files."

Includes a guide to needle, thread, and fabric choices and buying advice for choosing basic, mid-range, and top-end sewing machines, embellishers, and sergers.

Wendy Gardner has been editor of various sewing titles for many years, and for the last ten years editor of Sewing World, Britain's leading sewing magazine. She is co-manager of the ISEW website, a magazine resource site packed with sewing projects and techniques, and runs creative sewing weekends. Lorna Knight writes regularly for Sewing World and has contributed to many sewing books and other fashion publications. Her own previous books include The Sewing Stitch Bible, The Dressmaker's Technique Bible, and 200 Sewing Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets.


11. Basic Sewing Practice Sheets: Learn how to sew straight and curved lines

by Vibha's Fashion

Use the Sewing practice sheets to learn the basics of sewing and Fashion Designing. Learn how to sew straight and curved lines and gain control over pedal and speed of a sewing machine. Use these Sewing practice sheets and follow the steps shown in the sewing basics tutorial video. Practice to stitch corners by accurately stopping the machine, pivoting the needle and to turn the fabric and stitching.

The sewing practice sheets are designed to help you become proficient in using the sewing machine. The daily practice sheet designs help you to start from the basics and progress towards complex curves. Practice is essential to attain mastery in the art of sewing and fashion design.

Note: Vibha's Fashion is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to



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