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Sewing room organizing ideas

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Sewing room organizing ideas

Here are some products that will help you find the right products to organize your sewing room. Some of the products I bought online and some from stores like HomeStop. In many cases, some of the products are bought from Parry's corner wholesale shops which are high quality at extremely reasonable prices. If you are not able to find a physical store then you can buy them online and I am adding links to some of the interesting products for you to check. I tried my best to do a bit of research before recommending them, but in any case, please read through the reviews and compare pricing before you make a final decision to buy.


Drawer organizer

Use one of these drawer trays to store your sewing accessories like threads, scissors, seam rippers, and so on. It is easy to find them when stored in these type of organizers.

There are two types—The Okayji has a cover on top. The main container has 1 large, 2 small and 3 medium sized compartments for keeping items of various sizes. The top tray has 3 compartments and can slide from side to side. If you need to take out an item from the main tray, you can just slide the top tray aside or even remove it. Neat one!

The Sterling on the other hand is expandable, the two halves of the tray can be finely adjusted to fit a variety of drawer sizes and lock securely together once in place. It has 4 compartments and 1 larger storage area.

Alternately, you can also visit Homestop to buy similar drawer organizers. They were quite sturdy and the finish was nice.


Storage ideas to keep your sewing patterns safe

There are couple of ways you can keep your sewing patterns and drawings safe. You can choose a 'Wall hanging' folder or an Expanding file folder.

The Hanging 6-Pocket Wall File helps in keeping the work areas neatly organized with a six-pocket hanging wall file. It helps save valuable desk space by using often overlooked wall space instead. The file’s top hook attachment allows for hanging it from a wall, which expands the file and sends the six connected pockets cascading down. You can use the separate pockets to keep information properly sorted. A plastic handle on the binder’s spine ensures comfortable carrying.

Alternately, the Expanding file provides 13 individual pockets for reliable partitioning. The pockets are tabbed to allow for adding handwritten labels, ensuring each section can be instantly identified for quick access. Each pocket offers a generous amount of space, expanding to 7/8 inches.


Drafting tube to store brown sheets and patterns

Drafting tube is a great way to store and transport anything that needs to be rolled and not folded. I store most of my finished patterns rolled inside these tubes. The Lock and Unlock system and strap make the sheet holder extendable and portable. There are couple of price points. Isomars is less expensive but still gets the work done. The other one comes in different colors if you want to choose.

The drafting tubes are a great choice to store brown sheets that you will use for drafting your patterns and also completed ones without crumpling them.


Biggest size for cutting fabric - A1 Cutting Mat size - 34 Inch x 22.5 Inch / 89 cmx 59 cm

If you are looking for a mat that fits the entire table, you can go for the A1 size mat. You can easily use rotary cutter to cut the fabric.

This item is double-sided and has markings in both Inches and Centimetres and on both sides of the mat.

Ideal for any craft or art work. The size is so huge that it fills the table and you can place most of the items comfortably — for both drawing and cutting. It is also easy to clean.


Standard size for craftwork - A2 Cutting Mat size - 22.5 Inch x 17 Inch/ 59cm x 44cm

This is the next size - this mat will be 4 times the size of standard A4 paper. Contains 5 layers of soft and hard PVC for self healing.

Works for many fabric cutting projects and will be ideal for any paper cutting, jewel-making or arts and crafts project. You can use the rotary cutter to cut fabric.

This mat also has markings on both sides and uses Inches and Centimetres. Easy to wipe clean and the multi-layer enables self healing of the mat after cutting.


I will continue to look for other products that you might find useful and update this page.

Watch the sewing room tour to find useful organizing ideas and share your ideas to the bigger group.

Thanks for reading and Happy sewing!



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