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Single folded collar design - Churidar and Kurti trendy designer neck series - #1

Updated: May 23, 2019

This adorable Single-folded Collar designer neck comes with a triangular folded collar on one side and straight line on the other. The folded collar is embellished with buttons made from contrasting fabric. The asymmetrical design and open look is in trend and very popular among teens. 

Learn step-by-step how to design and stitch a beautiful and trendy designer neck for your Kurtis - explained in Tamil in this YouTube video series.

Start by drawing the pattern in paper-fabric fusion paper—in this case the inner neck is set as 2.75 in. The depth of the neck is set to 6.5 in., you can increase the depth to 7 in. depending on your height. Set the neck at 1.5 in and using french curve scale draw as shown.

After drawing the pattern, cut the paper fusion. Finish the asymmetrical side using French curve.

Place the paper fusion over the contrasting fabric and add 1/4' as allowance. Fold and stitch the fabric with paper fusion. Cut extra pieces as shown.

Fold the piece and mark a 'v' notch. Take the churidar tops and mark a 'v' notch in the centre. Align both the main piece and churidar centre—ensure the right side is facing each other. Stitch on the curve that you have drawn.

Draw a line and stitch two lines with 1/4 in space. This will be the straight cut. 

Now cut along the curve and also cut between the two stitched lines as shown in the video.

Flip the fabric so that the reverse side comes on top. Ensure the corners are well defined

 Press to make sure the corners and the lines are defined

Turn one side as shown to create a triangular shape on one side and straight line on the other. You can use buttons to decorate the folded collar Kurti neck.

You have now created a very beautiful designer Single-folded Collar neck - Happy sewing!



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